Moogsoft UI Reference

The Moogsoft UI has separate pages for users to analyze incidents, alerts, and metrics. The UI also has pages for administrators to set up the system.


A. Incidents page — View and analyze your Incidents. Each incident is a cluster of alerts that all relate to the same issue, based on their timestamps and data.

B. Alerts page — View and analyze your Alerts. Each alert is a set of one or more unique events that all relate to a specific performance measure.

C. Metrics page — View and analyze your Metrics and anomalies. Each metric is a set of data points (with timestamps) that measures a specific aspect of performance.

D. Integrations page — Set up your inbound and outbound Integrations. Inbound integrations ingest data into Moogsoft. Outbound integrations enable you to set up notifications using external tools such as Slack.

E. Settings Menu — Set up the following:

F. Global Search — Free-text search of all incidents, alerts, and metrics.

G. "Smart look-ahead" search — Place your cursor in the search field. A pull-down menu shows the data fields or users that are valid for that position in the filter strings. The Alerts and Metrics pages also include this feature.

H. Drill down to member alerts — View all member alerts of the currently selected incident.

I. Drill down to member to metrics — View all member metrics of the currently selected incident.

J. Refresh list — Refresh the list of incidents based on the current search filter.

K. Online Help — Open a pop-up help window with information and relevant links for the current page.

K. User settings