Moogsoft Overview

Many IT operations teams must navigate through multiple streams of data, from multiple tools and sources, to track all the issues in their environment. Even small organizations often need to monitor a variety of nodes, apps, tools, and services deployed across multiple platforms and locations.

Moogsoft is an all-in-one solution for IT environments that rely on multiple services. Moogsoft ingests alerts and time series metrics from across your entire environment. Then it uses advanced algorithms to filter, deduplicate, and correlate all of the real-time intelligence into a single, interactive list of actionable incidents.

Moogsoft is designed specifically for easy setup, deployment, configuration, and analysis. You can set up all your data ingestions, correlations, and other configurations directly in the web UI. The Moogsoft API supports automated setup, configuration, and analysis.

You can deploy Moogsoft at any scale, from a handful of data sources in one location to dozens or hundreds across multiple geographic locations.

This video describes some of the benefits and key concepts of Moogsoft.